Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Twitter Back to Reality

I'm not sure what it feels like to be an employee of Twitter(TWTR), but it must be dis-heartening. You have a cool little piece of technology with millions of loyal users(The Long Haul Investor included). Yet the company struggles to make profits, and gain traction. Then when it turns out no one is even interested in buying the company that must feel like the bottom falls out of your efforts. 

I think long term the platform Twitter has created really has a  ton of untapped potential.  You can now live stream NFL Football games, and the Presidential Debates.  It's also turning into
most peoples preferred place to get their news since they can avoid the mostly biased and seemingly corrupt major media outlets.

By getting your news straight from other people there is basically no need to follow the major hack journalists anymore.  I've been watching more TV than usual due to the election, and I'm appalled at the inherent bias from what I hear. It's absolutely astounding that people believe some of it too.

Either way it was speculated that, Disney(DIS), Alphabet(GOOGL), and a few other potential suitors would pony up some serious dough for the company. The stock popped from $19 all the way to $25 for a roughly 30% gain. Now that no one has stepped up to the plate the stock is actually trading lower than it was prior to the announcement. I'm not endorsing the stock for a long term hold. Obviously it doesn't fit my criteria. But for a trader this stock must be what dreams are made of lately. 

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