Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bond Performance Blazing Hot!

No that's not the blazing hot performance of GoPro(GPRO) or Snap Inc(SNAP) below.  It's the "performance" of US Treasury 1 year(UST1Y), 2 year(UST2Y), and 5 year(UST5Y) yields.

Basically yields have gone up from their historic lows(less than 1%) to all now sporting yields above 1%.  So people who have been short near term duration treasuries have actually done quite well since the election. Remember with bonds if you buy them and interest rates head up you technically incur a loss on your holdings value, but the interest payment stays the same.  

Here is the percentage increase in yield for each Treasury type

1 Year: 61.90%
2 Year: 62.20%
5 Year: 56.59%

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Here is the performance YTD

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