Thursday, April 20, 2017

Payment Space Performance - V, MA, PYPL

One surefire fundamental bet the next decade will be electronic payments.  With a few countries in Europe and South America moving towards cashless systems, and recent moves in India to curb the use of cash for transactions it only makes sense for this sector to have a tailwind behind it.  Below is the performance of portfolio holdings Visa(V), MasterCard(MA), and PayPal(PYPL) alongside the S&P 500's Total Return Index(SPXTR) which includes dividends.  Note Visa and MasterCard pay dividends but that's not reflected in the chart. Either way all 3 picks have been outperforming the market YTD. Let's hope it continues.

YTD Performance
Visa - 15.25%
PayPal - 9.70%
MasterCard - 9.20%
SPXTR - 5.07%
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