Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Is Sugar A Bad Investment?

I've been thinking about the danger's of sugar a lot lately as I try cutting down my own consumption to shed a few extra pounds for summer. It's no secret that consuming sugary drinks, and especially sugar laden foods are bad for your overall health.

I decided to look at the performance of Tootsie Roll(TR), Mondelez(MDLZ), and portfolio member Hershey's(HSY) versus the S&P 500. 
All three manufacture candy, and other snack related foods.  As we can see each have outperformed the index over 5 years.  Although this doesn't include dividends, but I don't think that would change much since each company is a consistent dividend payer.

5 Year Performance(not including dividends)
MDLZ - 101.14%
TR  - 90.83%
HSY - 86.87%
SPX - 81.76%

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It seems market hasn't caught on yet to what the rest of society knows. Or at least what they think they know.

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